MIKUMO, a wood block hand print publishing house, was funded in 1921. Since then Mikumo had been published the works of celebrated artists such as Prof. Tomonosuke Ogo, Prof. Nenjiro Inagaki, Atushi Kawabe, Taizo Minagawa, Kenichi Chiudo, Ryunosuke Shimomura, Kunio Isa, Hirozo Yasuhara, Osamu Yamaguchi and other famous artists. Currently, Mikumo publishes 87 works mainly of  Prof. Nenjiro Inagaki and Prof. Tomonosuke Ogo. Those artists were known as dyers, ceramic artists, oil painters and so on. Mikumo had published excellent works with the collaboration of those artists and Mikumo’s artisans. Mikumo produces not only art works but also post cards, envelops and more for commodity use. We hope everyone to enjoy little art in your daily life.

Mikumo is a house of oriental arts.

*All works are handmade with a special fine paper.

Artisan (Surishi) : Isao Kurose

Born in 1936, Fukui. After graduated a high school in Fukui prefecture, he moved to Kyoto by himself. His cousin introduced him a job at Mikumo publishing house when he was 20 years old. SInce then , he has been working as an artisan for more than half century.